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3D Lipo Fat Reduction & Slimming at Pure, Nottingham.

Welcome to the body you have always wanted… Specialist 3DLipo consultant Kate invites you for your free assessment and consultation here at Pure Hair & Beauty, Nottingham to find out how 3D Lipo can transform your body, target ‘problem’ areas and give you back body confidence.

What to Expect at Pure – Official 3D Lipo clinic Nottingham.

We have had some outstanding clients results, and our bespoke treatment program approach means your experience targets your specific body concerns – the bits YOU need, getting the BEST results. We have the 3D Ultimate system which includes;

  • HIFU

We offer a free, no obligation consultation where you can hear all the options and our recommendation, no pressure, time to think about going ahead and get all your questions answered.



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So what is it?

3D Lipo is an advanced system that slims, tightens, smooths – meaning you can tweak those stubborn, problem areas, slim thighsloose tummy fatlove handles, bingo wings, and even back folds – it is also fantastic on cellulite and the lumps & bumps in your skin tone.

Why is it so effective?

Read our FAQ for details on this amazing 3 dimensional approach to transforming your body.

The amazing results have made national headlines with many celebrities raving about the treatment. Read all about those here

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